Construction Services

Shelco provides a range of construction services including planning, new construction, and renovation. Our project scope can include simply removing 8’ knee wall from a cafeteria, pre-cast repair on an existing parking deck, to construction as delicate as a clean room and as complex as adding a 1 million SF skyscraper to the Charlotte downtown skyline. Attention to detail, on jobs from $50,000 and greater, is a key element to our success.

Project Management

Each project is led by a Project Executive, a Project Manager, an on-site job Superintendent and the Director of Field Operations who serves as our “Quality Control” coordinator in the field. Shelco’s flat management structure provides easy access to all members of the project team. From those in the field to the upper management team, the structure allows for quick decision making and the timely completion of each job. Our in-house computerized scheduling system tracks the critical path and is updated by the project manager as frequently as the client requests.

Weekly field work lists are compiled by the project manager and superintendent, and a condensed schedule is created showing critical activities. Breaking the job into weekly segments helps maintain project schedules and allows the team to track completed tasks. These weekly lists are distributed to senior management, clients, subcontractors and suppliers.

Shelco’s computerized cost report system, Computer Methods International Corporation (CMiC), matches up item for item with the estimate and details all costs assigned to the job. This system reports the vendor’s name, the original estimate, changes to the estimate, the purchased amount, the amount paid to date, the amount left to pay and the variance between the estimate and the purchased amount. Reports are generated on a monthly basis. This system allows the client to determine the financial status of the project at a glance.



To ensure that Shelco maintains each jobsite as a safe workplace, a Safety Director is on staff to monitor the day-to-day operations of ongoing projects. The director’s time is dedicated solely to the field operations including the initial preconstruction jobsite meeting and pre-task planning. Our Safety Director spends 100% of his time on jobsites to ensure compliance with OSHA’s constantly changing requirements. Regular project visits raise the bar on quality and safety. Shelco meets weekly with all subcontractors on site.


Shelco is proud of each and every building we construct and we stand behind our product. If there is a construction issue once the building has been occupied we encourage our clients to contact us immediately to remedy the issue.

Value Added Services

In addition to our traditional preconstruction, construction and post construction services, Shelco offers additional and unique services to serve our clients needs.