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Our Sustainable Construction Philisophy


Sustainable Construction

Sustainability is more than a buzz word at Shelco. It’s a thought process, a mantra, and a team effort to design and build with the least environmental impact without sacrificing quality or aesthetics. To help clients achieve their sustainability goals, we staff a team of LEED-accredited professionals. These specialists can incorporate green building technologies, register a project for certification with the US Green Building Council (USGBC) and select LEED credits to pursue. They also help clients analyze cost and construction issues related to sustainable construction and coordinate all necessary documentation and preparation of submittals.

A Sustainable success Story

To help achieve LEED Gold certification on a project the Owner, Architect and Shelco as the general contractor worked closely to achieve this goal.

Tractor trailer loads of premium timber were identified from the project site. We located a Carolina-based mill willing to remove the timber, mill the materials and follow procedures required to reuse the materials as reclaimed wood.

Together, the team was able to reuse the wood for furniture, desks, art features and exposed timber. We were able to conserve material removed from the build site while preventing the harvesting of timber from other sites to furnish the facility.